Why Academic Life Coaching

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How coaching helps your college application
Since 2005, Academic Life Coaching is the leader in establishing the field of life coaching for teenagers

The start of Academic Life Coaching was the result of a happy accident when John Andrew Williams, a high school Latin teacher, became trained as a certified life coach. With the support of his school principal, he had the opportunity to integrate life coaching exercises into his classes. Through experimentation and feedback from students, he identified what life coaching exercises and methods successfully worked with teens.

What you get from Academic Life Coaching

  • You get a proven and polished program. Over 8 years, the experiences of hundreds of teenagers have refined our coaching methods.
  • You get an outstanding coach. Our Academic Life Coaches have completed our rigorous training and certification program, meeting the training standards of the International Coach Federation.
  • You receive parenting support. As part of the Academic Life Coaching program, our life coaches communicate with parents about the coaching concepts covered in each session and work together to help the parent support their child’s growth. The ability for coaches and parents and students to be in the same page is one of the main reasons why the Academic Life Coaching program is so effective.
  • You get to be a part of a community working to redefine and improve education. We believe that the skills and concepts delivered in the Academic Life Coaching program are the future of rethinking our approaches to education. The traditional school system focuses on teaching academic content, which is useful, but neglects to help a student understand learning methods, study skills, and motivation styles.
  • You get amazing results. The students we work with start to develop habits that lead to success in areas of their life where they have struggled. With the positive feedback of their success, teens feeling better about themselves and more confident in their abilities. We usually see this positive momentum build about a month or two into the coaching program. We spread out the coaching sessions over several months to allow students time to integrate new habits and concepts into their life. The results can include improved grades, less test anxiety, better organization at home and in school, positive changes in relationships.

After the 10 session Academic Life Coaching program, many families choose to continue working with an Academic Life Coach for additional support and coaching work.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Academic Life Coaching program, we encourage you to contact us with questions.