Why Choose Academic Life Coaching for Coaching Training?

7 Advantages of Choosing ALC for Life Coaching Training

You will get outstanding and professional coaching training. Academic Life Coaching is the first Life Coach training company to be approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF) to offer training hours specifically designed for those who wish to be a life coach for teenagers. With nearly a decade of experience, ALC has trained over 80 coaches who have worked with thousands of teens. The feedback both from the Academic Life Coaching Program for Teens and the Academic Life Coach Training program has been phenomenal. In this training program, you learn what concepts and skills work best, why they work, and how to use them yourself as a professionally trained Academic Life Coach for teens.

You will understand the steps necessary to establish a thriving Life Coaching practice or effectively introduce Life Coaching into your classroom. The Academic Life Coach Training includes a step- by-step Business Plan, complete with templates for marketing materials that you can use to launch your coaching business. Saving you time, these resources allow you to focus your energy on coaching teenagers more quickly and effectively. If you’re an educator and wondering how you can bring the ALC program to your classrooms, we have you covered too! We have methods for you to effectively introduce Academic Life Coaching in your classrooms as well as materials you can provide to your school’s administration team.

You can try out our Coaching Training risk-free. We offer a 30- Day Money Back Guarantee on both our ICF Approved Coaching Training Program and Self-Study Program. If you decide that the training is not the right fit for you, we will refund your tuition at any point within the first month (four classes). We also offer flexible payment plans, scholarships, and paid-in-full discounts. To find out the current cost, when the next class starts, and class availability, you can enter your email here. You can expect an immediate auto-response email with the latest information. If you want us to follow up, just let us know in the comments.

The course is designed to fit into your life. Our trainings classes are live conference calls that meet once a week and last for two-hours. All the supporting training materials online. Our classes are dynamic, focused on engaging with the concepts and allow for as much one-to- one coaching practice as possible. You’ll have about 30 minutes of reading and about 45 minutes of pre-recorded audio to listen to before each class. Also available is an actual 10-session demo of John Williams, the founder of Academic Life Coaching, working with a student through the program. You could literally be anywhere in the world and still attend class. We have had coaches attend calls from New York and France to Dubai and Korea.

You will have a small class and access to the trainers. Class size matters when it comes to actively participating in activities and getting the individual attention you need in order to thrive. To ensure you’re receiving outstanding coaching training, we limit each class size to twelve. Our classes are small, typically ranging from 8 to 12 participants. Since our maximum class size is 12, and we usually have a small waiting list.

You will make life-long friends with your colleagues in your Coach Training Class. Surrounded by a supportive group of people also passionate about education and helping teenagers thrive, you will form bonds that are a big part of the overall value of training. You will become a member of the vibrant community of Certified Academic Life Coaches, each dedicated to building successful life coaching practice and achieving professional fulfillment.

You’ll be a part of rethinking and reforming education by bringing life coaching to teenagers. The Academic Life Coaching Program grew out of an experimental and scientifically-based approach to finding out what students need most to succeed. As part of the Academic Life Coaching Team, you’ll stay up-to-date on education research and the new methods and resources we develop. Teenagers rarely receive regular one-to-one attention from a professionally trained coach or educator unless they are involved in sports or something is “wrong”. The Academic Life Coaching program takes a unique approach by helping teenagers tailor the concepts to fit in the context of their lives and bring out their natural learning and leadership. ALC teens know how to tap into their innate creativity and passion.

Thanks for considering training with us. Helping you learn how to effectively coach teenagers is part of our larger mission of reforming education. Our company is founded on the premise that the most successful way to run our company is to constantly ask ourselves, ‘How can we best serve our communities?’ A big part of the answer is putting together an outstanding training program and deliver it with passion.

You can also learn more about the certification process and inquire about the upcoming classes, cost, and available space by contacting us.