How to Become a Coach

Let Academic Life Coaching help get you certified as a Life Coach

It has been a privilege to facilitate the Academic Life Coaching Program and to witness the huge transformations that are occurring in the students I work with. The program provides teens with concrete tools they can use to gain confidence in life and academics and assists them in developing their own leadership style. It is pro-active, challenging, compassionate, and supportive of the student to develop and reveal their true selves and passions. Academic Life Coaching allows students to break through their own personal obstacles and to live into their more authentic selves with the right skills to succeed and to lead a fulfilled life.

So, you’re considering becoming a trained life coach? It’s a big decision to make and we will outline the steps that you will take in the process of becoming a Certified Academic Life Coach and work with teenagers. Remember, Academic Life Coaching is officially approved by the ICF to deliver quality coaching training.

Simply put, Academic Life Coaching is a comprehensive life coaching system designed to empower students with the skills, experiences, and knowledge for them to lead effective and fulfilled adults lives. Over the past eight years, hundreds of students have experienced profound success in the program. During training as an Academic Life Coach, you will learn the core life coaching skills necessary to work with any demographic, but most importantly you will have the opportunity to learn what works specifically with teenagers in middle school, high school and college.  This is what sets us apart from all other training programs!

Upon completion, trainees are ready work as a life coach for teenagers and start their own coaching practice.

Steps to Become a Certified Academic Life Coach

  • Explore the ALC website and contact us about enrolling in a class. Each class provides 48 hours of live training and 15 hours of self-study (readings and pre-recorded lectures). The 63 hours of training also qualify as the Life Coaching hours necessary to earn the ICF Associate Certified Coach credential or can be applied for those wishing to continue their coaching training and earn a Professional Certified Coach or Master Certified Coach credential from the International Coach Federation.
  • Enroll in an Academic Life Coaching Program. You will learn specific Life Coaching skills that work with teenagers, steps for how to build a successful Life Coaching practice, and join a great group of people also passionate and committed to helping teens thrive.
  • Get a practice client or two! Part of the training program is working with a teenager through the Academic Life Coaching Program. After Coach Training Session 14 (about 3 months into the 6 month program) it’s time to start working with your practice client.
  • Receive feedback on your coaching. During the course of the 10 Sessions in the Academic Life Coaching Program, you will want to record at least 3 life coaching sessions and send them to your instructor to for feedback. Yes, it can be a little nerve-racking to have feedback on your coaching session, but the feedback process makes a huge difference in the quality of your coaching. To become a Certified Academic Life Coach, you will need to complete 3 coaching overviews. (You can finish the coaching overviews after the classes end, although it’s recommended to complete both the overviews and the coaching training around the same time.)
  • Complete the classes. It takes about 6 months to complete the 24 Training Sessions.
  • Evaluation. Complete an evaluation of what you have learned in the program.