Love & Values

Relationship & Family Life Coaching

Academic Life Coaching is designed to do one-to-one work with teenagers. Yet it’s impossible for teenager to grow personally if the family does not grow at the same time. A family unit is a system of relationships that need love and attention in order to function and thrive. A big part of the success of the Academic Life Coaching program is focusing attention on the wellbeing of the whole family system.

Love and Values is a program designed for whole family coaching. Teenagers and parents are often not on the same page when it comes to priorities. The Love and Values program addresses the individual values of parents and teens. Those values have some overlap and as well as differences. The primary purpose of the Love and Values program is to define individual values and learn to appreciate the different values of other family members with family coaching.

“Your program has been such an important part of our growth as a family. You literally have been the glue that has held us together through this tough time.”

Steps in the Love and Values Program

  • Step 1: Teenager is already enrolled in the Academic Life Coaching Program. In the Academic Life Coaching program, your teen will develop the self-awareness necessary to identify their values and express why they are important.
  • Step 2: Parents meet individually with the Academic Life Coach. You will identify your particular unique values and what’s most important to you. You can usually accomplish this in one session, but sometimes it’s easier to do so in two sessions.
  • Step 3: Hold a meeting with the parents, teenager, and Academic Life Coach. The purpose of this meeting is for everyone to explain their values, identify shared values, and understand the values that are different. From here, the coach can help design agreements and action steps.


The outcome of the series of meetings is a clearer understanding of your own values, the values of others in your family, and acknowledgement of values that you share.