Online Life Coach Training

First things first: we’re biased. So biased. We offer an online life coach training program. The next question usually is something about if the International Coach Federation allows online training to count towards its certification. Short answer: yes. And we’re grateful since it allows Academic Life Coaching to do a lot of really neat things we’re going to outline below.

To be frank, there are some cons or drawbacks if you will to not meeting in person. We’ll cover those too since they are real and best to be addressed head on.

But before we jump in let’s start with what exactly is online life coach training.

What is online life coach training

Online life coach training is live or in other words: contemporaneous. (Contemporaneous is the actual fancy pants word that the ICF uses in its description of Approved Life Coach Specific Training Hours or otherwise known as their beloved ACSTH designation which Academic Life Coaching has so valiantly earned.)

Your life coach trainer will be on the webinar with you, and you will be able to see all your colleagues and they will be able to see you. Online does not mean that you just get access to the material and are expected to go through it on your own or have an app guide you. Access and no live person on the other end is offered as our ALC Self-Study and does not count towards ICF training hours.

Online simply means we’re using the internet to connect to each other. We happen to use – and highly recommend for meeting with your life coaching clients – google hangout for our webinars.

Online Life Coach Training: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

When Online is Being Good

The main benefit to online life coach training is the ability to meet and connect with people contemporaneously across the world. In many of the Academic Life Coach Training 1.0 calls, people will participate in Hong Kong, Dubai, New York, and London. It’s like looking at one of those rows of clocks in a bank with all the different time zones from major cities across the planet. Instead of seeing the different times, you see the beautiful faces of people who are passionate about life coaching. The technology of the past 15 years makes Academic Life Coach Training possible. Thank you Internet.

Second tremendous benefit is that the online nature allows us to keep the cost of training down. We’re in it for the children. We want to see young people thrive. And the best way we know how is to equip people with a skill set and knowledge of how to set up a thriving life coaching practice. By being able to offer the training virtually, we are able to keep costs affordable while being able to keep our ship afloat. The pricing is a balance point, and for the past five years our pricing hasn’t changed much. The online training is a huge help in that regard.

Third, after you get used to the technology – and we can help! – you really do feel like you’re in the same room as everyone else. Google hangout does a great job of being able to still see everyone even while someone else is talking. Usually after the first or second webinar, people get the hang of the hangout, and it’s great to be able to feel confident in video conferencing when you’re presented with the opportunity to work with your own international clients. It will happen! And you’ll be thankful that you’ve climbed the video conference learning curve.


Bad, bad online!

The obvious drawback is that face to face life coach training is awesome. We’d love to offer it as part of the Academic Life Coaching experience, but it’s a challenge to find 14 people all from the same town who want to take life coach training to be a life coach for teenagers at the same time. Perhaps in the future we’ll offer a leadership experience or something like that

The main drawback to online life coach training is that sometimes the Internet gets bogged down and you have to hop back on the webinar link. It can be annoying, but usually the Internet calms down, remembers that it’s 2015 and not 1990, and makes for a smooth connection.


Let’s avoid the ugly of online life coach training

A few guidelines to avoid the ugly, that spotty reception, echoes, and other shenanigans that tend to disrupt the flow of an otherwise smooth connection.

  1. When not talking, mute your device. It cleans up the line considerably and is the number one thing that we can do to make the webinars run smoothly with a great recording created.
  2. Arrive a few minutes early. It helps you get situated and ready for class. If you do have to log back in, you don’t miss the first few minutes.
  3. Be mindful of your bandwidth and adjust if necessary. Google hangout does a great job of having an easy interface to control bandwidth (as well as mute/unmute). If you’re in a location with not ideal or strong internet connection, it’s helpful to switch to the one of the lowest bandwidth settings. You’ll still be able to see and hear everyone, and we’ll still be able see and hear you. Sometimes you may need to switch to audio only, but that’s in rare cases. Usually the Internet sorts itself out, and sometimes the lower settings are a big help.
  4. If you’re running into problems or don’t have access to the Internet, you can always call on a conference line that we can pipe into the webinar. It’s not ideal, but it’s a good backup if the online webinar just doesn’t want to happen.

Thanks for reading! To sum up, online life coach training rocks. After getting the hang of the technology, you’ll find it to be one more effective tool in your belt to offer your life coaching clients another option in connecting with you. It’s a brave new world, and the Internet makes possible what was impossible only a few short decades ago.